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Sugar Kiss Delta-8 + CBD Small Buds (Sativa)

Sugar Kiss Delta-8 + CBD Small Buds (Sativa)

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CBD Hemp flower small buds sprayed with Delta 8 oil and kief.

  • Sugar Kiss - 180 MG/G CBD | 88 MG/G Delta-8 THC - (Sativa, Energy)

DELTA 8 THC has been gaining traction as a milder version of delta-9 THC. Considered as more stable and less potent when binding to the CB1 receptors, this could be the reason why Delta-8 THC provides similar benefits as Delta-9 THC, but with less intense effects.

Our Δ8 infusion process starts with selecting premium greenhouse grown hemp flowers and coating them with clear Δ8 distillate oil and Δ8 infused kief.  We apply several light layers to ensure the flowers dry properly and smoke smoothly.

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