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Relief Cream

Relief Cream

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Our Relief Cream delivers pinpointed support for inflammation and joint discomfort. Whether you are using it post work-out or to relieve chronic aches and pains, our combination of CBD, menthol and other natural anti-inflammatories results in a fast-acting sensation that allows you to move through life pain free.

  • Infused with Bergamot and Pear Essential Oils for a Rich Fragrance
  • Contains a Blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint & Spearmint Oils
  • A Lush Cream that Doesn’t Leave Residue After Use
  • Crafted from the Highest Quality USA Grown Hemp
  • Made with Sivan CBD’s Premium Full-Spectrum Oil to Give You the True Full Benefits of the Hemp Plant
  • Formulated for the ‘Entourage Effect’ including: 500mg CBD (Cannabidiol), 200mg CBG (Cannabigerol), 200mg CBC (Cannabichromene) & 100mg CBN(Cannabinol)
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