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Verdant Leaf

Mushroom Supplements 60 Capsules

Mushroom Supplements 60 Capsules

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Mushrooms are what they call bioaccumulators so they need to be produced with the consumer in mind to avoid counter-productive properties. We have ensure all products use full spectrum of compounds for maximum potency.

In addition to caring about what we’re putting in our bodies, it’s also important to care about the wellness brands that we support and the impact they have on the environment.

 Lion's Mane

Lion’s Mane is known as the “smart” mushroom because of its health benefits that pertain to improving focus, memory, and brain function. The naturally occurring nootropic erinacines found within the mycelium help support improved neural growth factor (NGF). For centuries, this round shaggy mushroom has been thought to keep dementia at bay in the elderly, and clear the fogginess of younger minds. This is one supplement that you definitely don’t want to forget

Lift the Fog

Stop the fog from rolling in, and move through your day with more clarity. Improve your memory, increase focus, decrease stress; just take a few before your next test.

Digestive Protections

Give your gut some good bacteria. Protect yourself against gastric ulcers and irritable bowel disease symptoms.

Helps to Fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can cause a host of modern diseases; everything from heart disease to cancer, and autoimmune disorders. Lion’s mane is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants and can get your body back on the right path.

Keep Calm, Take Mushrooms

Anxiety getting you down? Studies have shown that lion’s mane can help improve your mood and help reduce mild depression.

Turkey Tail

Turkey tail not only has a litany of benefits for humans, but studies have also shown that our furry friends (cats and dogs) can benefit from a daily dose. Regarding immunity, turkey tail helps prevent disease and illnesses, aids in recovery from the side effects of harsh medical treatments (like chemotherapy), and can help slow the progression of even the worst diseases. Promising studies have shown that tumor and cancer cell reduction occurs in both animals and humans. There is also an abundance of anecdotes stating that this occurs sustainably cultivated so that you can enjoy the benefits of this powerful adaptogen daily.

Give Your Gut The Good Stuff

Naturally occurring prebiotics within turkey tail support digestion, improve organ function, and helps your gut biome thrive.

Helps Fight The Toughest Diseases

Bring the good stuff to the fight against terrible diseases. Animals and humans can turn the tide of any battle against even some of the toughest diseases with turkey tail at the helm.

Rebuild Your Immunity

With krestin (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP), two polysaccharopeptides known for their immune-boosting qualities and for reducing inflammation, you’re giving your body some incredibly powerful metabolites.

Keep Your Body Free From Ailments

Oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are two contributing factors to major diseases. Free radicals cause unbalance in the cells while antioxidants restore that balance. A daily dose of turkey tail supports your body in balancing your system to prevent illness and the progression of diseases.



The powerful functional properties of Cordyceps have made this adaptogenic mushroom a staple in Tibetan and Chinese medicine for centuries. Vitality, energy, cancer-kicking, and immunity-boosting are just some of the core functional properties of Cordyceps. From boosting energy levels and stamina to fighting fatigue and reducing lactic acid build-up, Cordyceps is ideal for athletes and high performers who need an edge. And because they're all-natural, you won't have to worry about any jitters or crashes associated with traditional energy drinks or supplements.

Get Your Exercise Boost

Cordyceps is said to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which stimulates the body's key processes, including increasing blood oxygen levels during intense exercise and reducing muscle fatigue. Add it to your pre-workout routine. You’re welcome.

Get Your Heart Some Love

As studies are showing, Cordyceps help improve heart health, improve circulation, can lower blood pressure, and are approved for use in China to treat arrhythmia.

Kick Cancers and Tumors to the Curb

Cordyceps is said to inhibit the growth of tumors and reduce human cancer cells. They’ve even been known to reduce the negative effects of cancer treatments, a condition known as leukopenia.

Age Defying

Cordyceps polysaccharides are high in antioxidants, help to reduce inflammation, increase libido, and reduce mitochondrial stress which helps to slow the body's aging process. Not bad for zombie caterpillar fungus.


Give your body a little extra TLC with a daily dose of reishi which helps the body destress, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, and boost your immune system. Packed with over 400 beneficial chemical compounds including polysaccharides, peptides, triterpenoids, and beta glucan compounds, this adaptogen can help regulate the body’s core functions including blood sugar levels, cholesterol, improving liver function, boosting immunity, fighting infection, riding the body of cancers, and more.

Fight the Good Fight

Improving the genes in white blood cells is a way to hop in the ring and fight against all kinds of infections and disease, including cancer, with reishi.

Live the Good Life

Reishi improves the overall quality of life, reducing fatigue and depression, while maintaining a healthy body. Who could ask for more function?

Healthy Blood and Heart

Studies are showing both the blood and heart could be major beneficiaries of reishi’s improvements to the body’s overall strength and function.

Achieve Some Balance

Reishi is known to help the liver rid toxins from the body, and help balance hormones within men AND women.


Agarikon, the Pacific Northwest native feels right at home with us here in Oregon as it thrives in old, nutrient-rich forests. Due to its legacy for its functional and healing qualities, Agarikon is highly sought after, making it an endangered and protected species. Our process for cultivating and harvesting Agarikon mycelium is not only the most sustainable way to enjoy the benefits, but you get to tap into the mighty metabolites that are unique to this species due to its longer growth cycle.

he Elixir of Long Life

The Greek Physician Dioscorides described Agarikon mushrooms as the elixir of long life.

Fights Infectious Diseases

Your immune system will thank you. Agarikon's healing properties have made it a highly sought-after species for centuries.

Antimicrobial, Antiviral, and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

From tuberculosis to arthritis, a capsule a day can keep bad bacteria at bay.

Aids Respiratory Function

Naturally occurring coumarin compounds help break down mucus and reduce inflammation in the lungs. 



The Chaga mushroom, or what we like to call the “King of the North,” has been one of the most highly regarded adaptogenic mushrooms for centuries. When it comes to antioxidants, few things can compare to the power of the Chaga mushroom. For centuries, this potent fungus has been used all over the world for its many medicinal benefits, including supporting digestion, boosting immunity, fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and repairing gut damage. Just 2 capsules daily delivers all the synergistic benefits of Chaga, aiding in digestion with prebiotics and immune supporting compounds.

Powerful Antioxidant

Chaga-a-day is a powerful way to keep cells healthy and the body vibrant, by fighting free radicals, reducing oxidative stress, enhancing mental health, and improving brain function.

Boost the Immune System

Your immune system knows good regulation when it feels it. Chaga stimulates the production of beneficial cytokines, the special protein cells that build the immune system, and encourage the growth of white blood cells.

Give Yourself Some Tummy Time

Your gut will be thanking you, because Chaga reduces inflammation in the digestive tract and the gut, mitigating damage and allowing better nutritional absorption.

Lab Studies Show The Benefits Are Many

Chaga boosts immunity, prevents chronic inflammation, fights cancer, can help stabilize blood sugar levels, and is known to reduce cholesterol!

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