TPW Delta-8 Mint Chocolate Tincture 600mg 1 oz

Enjoy your dose of high-potency Delta-8 with a refreshing and sweet taste of Chocolate Mint Flavor! 

The taste is delicious and subtle with the perfect blend of natural mint, cocoa and palm derived MCT Oil

What Is Delta-8?

Delta-8 as a relative to Delta-9 or commonly known as THC. But unlike Delta-9, Delta-8 has a lower psychoactive potency. That means it gives you pain-relieving, relaxing, and calming effects without causing much high.


Start taking using a "Micro dosing" approach

Fill Dropper to desired amount

Drop Oil Under Tongue (Sublingually)

Hold Under Tongue 30-60 Seconds (This Allows Delta-8 To Enter Bloodstream)