TONIC Flight- Mini TONIC Variety Pack

mini TONIC variety pack 

5mL versions of our entire line of Doses and topicals + our ‘Fix Your Vibe’ zip pouch

Why the TONIC Flight?

  • Try out our different botanical blends to find what works best for you and your needs
  • Take your TONIC on the go with these convenient travel size options

The O.G 115mg/5mL – Balance + Awaken
 Our original blend of CBD + ashwagandha

Chill TONIC 130mg/5mL – Relax + Restore

CBD with ashwagandha, lemon balm and passionflower

Flex TONIC 165mg/5mL – Balance + mend

CBD with antioxidant-rich black seed oil

Grounded TONIC 250mg/5mL

Soothe + relax – cannabinoid-rich whole flower extract with MCT oil.

Chronic TONIC 150MG/5mL
Target + soothe:  pure CBD + essential oil blend in a convenient roll-on applicator