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THC-O Tincture 1,000mg

THC-O Tincture 1,000mg

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1000 MG THC-O Tincture available in a Sativa or Indica terpene infusion.  Paired with 75% THC-O-Acetate distillate and MCT-Oil, this wholesale customers can choose from an energized Sativa or relaxing Indica effect.

Product Information:
Type: THC-O Tincture derived from Industrial Hemp
Quantity:  30 ML, Approximately (30) 33 MG servings per bottle = 999 MG THC-O
Notes:  Can be ingested directly under the tongue or mixed with a liquid beverage.  Suggested dosing is 1-3 drops to feel effects within 45 minutes - 1 hour.

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
720.1 MG/G THC-O Acetate (70%)
0% CBD
0% CBG
0% Δ9 THC (Legal limit is 0.3%)
0% THCA (Legal limit is 0.3%)

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