Plant People Mind+Body Drops 630 mg

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Plant People Mind+Body Drops 630 mg
Plant People Mind+Body Drops 630 mg

Fast acting, full spectrum hemp extract formulated to regulate natural mental and physical systems that support everyday stress, balance, mood and recovery. (Servings: ~60)

Provides hormone balance, adrenal support and blood pressure regulation which are essential in reducing chronic stress and promoting calm.

Reduces pain and aids muscle recovery and reduces inflammation, by supporting circulation and cell function.

Adrenal Rejuvenation
Supports essential body systems that regulate and control your body’s response to stressful inputs. Commit to reducing cortisol, and other hormones that create stress, anxiety and poor health.

Tension Release
Provides relief and release of tension in both body and mind. Melt the stress away and find true calm.

Enhanced Cognition
Improves cognition, think clearly and make smart decisions. Stress has direct impact on the brain's primary function of cognition.



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