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Oreo | High THCa Hemp Nugs 3.5 grams

Oreo | High THCa Hemp Nugs 3.5 grams

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Introducing Bearly Legal Hemp's high THCa hemp flower strain - Oreo.



POTENCY: 12.13% THCA at time of testing

Get the perfect combination of flavor, aroma, and potency with our 20.83% THCa hemp flower strain!

Our Oreo THCa flower is known for its sweet and earthy flavor profile, and its buds are characterized by their green and orange hues, as well as its frosted appearance. 

 Our flower is 100% hemp grown in the USA. Enjoy a smooth smoke that is rich in terpenes with a sweet and creamy smell. Experience a body-balanced effect that is calming and relaxing with all the efects you would get from the real thing. 

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