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Delta-8 THC Lollipops

Delta-8 THC Lollipops

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Satisfy your sweet tooth and experience the expert-formulated mellowing effects of Delta-8 THC in every lollipop!

The perfect goodie bag to share with the whole gang for a fun time out or keep all the deliciousness for yourself. 

Each watermelon flavored lollipop consist of 25mg of Delta-8 THC. Each bag contains four tasty lollipops. 

*Please Note: If a lower dose is desired the lollipops can be broken or just consume the  desired amount and save the rest for later. When using lollipops, being ingested sublingually, the effects can come on in about 30 minutes but delta 8 is a powerful cannabinoid but could take 2 hours to fully become active.

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