CBD 10 Pieces of Assorted Hard Candies and Throat Lozenges

 CBD Hard Candies and Throat Lozenges are made with Full Spectrum CBD, Natural Ingredients sourced from Colorado farm Hemp plants. 

TPW Assorted Hard Candies 10 Candies per pack, perfect to get your tasty dose of calm while on the go! Made with approximately 10mg of CBD per Candy with nine amazing flavors in each pack such as; Orange, Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, Raspberry, Coconut. It's a treat you're sure to enjoy.

TPW Honey Lemon 10 lozenges per pack, great for soothing sore throats with 20mg of CBD per lozenge. Offering great taste and made with Organic Lemon Flavor, Organic Honey and  pure hemp oil extract. You'll enjoy the taste of this dose of healing.