Sour G CBG Flower 18% CBG

18.5% CBG & 0.00% Delta 9 THC 

This gorgeous strain is known for its enticing crystal-covered flowers as well as its high CBG content and virtually non-existent THC. The flower is as beautiful as the smoke, but let's talk about how it makes you feel.


Euphoric. Relaxed. And Oh So Chill. Good for day or night, you'll be feeling like you popped the bubbly in no time. 


Selected from the largest top buds for the best taste and ultimate potency. This is a smoke for those who wish to experience all of the benefits of CBG while remaining sharp with a calm focus. You'll get all the chill and none of the high. 

Available In:

3.5 oz Jar

1.7 oz. Jar

Mini Pre Roll Case of 6 Pre Rolls