Top CBD Products to Kickstart Your New Year

Top CBD Products to Kickstart Your New Year


Start the New Year on a high note with these top CBD products.


We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite picks into one great list.


If you’re ready to discover one of nature’s most incredible gifts, then why wait?


From blissful CBD balms to revitalizing CBD gummies, we’ve got you covered!


Keep reading for this year’s must-haves!



O’mari Full Spectrum Mint Tincture


Delightful mint flavor coupled with full body support, what’s not to love? Our signature O’Mari Full Spectrum Mint Tincture features a bold infusion for a refreshingly cool calm. Use day or night.


TPW Farewell Sleep Gummies With Melatonin


Life happens, CBD helps. Wake up ready to take on the day with our Farewell Sleep Gummies With Melationin. Each gummy is uniquely formulated to help you fall and stay asleep naturally.


CBD Peppermint Tea


Savor a soothing cup of CBD Peppermint Tea. This delicious yet nutritious drink is a true treat! A decadent mix of peppermint and all-natural hemp CBD is pure bliss.


Total Peace and Wellness CBD Pre Rolls


Toast and toke on our Total Peace and Wellness CBD Pre Rolls. Premium hemp flower that’s rolled and ready to go, these are easy to take on the go. Contains less than 0.3% THC.



Delicious CBD Strawberry Lemonade Gummies


Jumpstart your wellness regimen with our CBD Strawberry Lemonade Gummies. These tasty treats deliver a delicious dose of all-natural hemp CBD. Each yummy gummy is infused with 10mg of lab-tested CBD.



Chill Tonic Tincture 


Sit back and relax with this Chill Tonic Tincture. A proprietary blend of CBD with Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower offer lasting support. Contains 800mg of CBD per bottle.


TPW O’Mani Lavender CBD Salve


Elevate your self-care routine. Our soothing O’Mani Lavender CBD Salve targets pain spots directly for total relief and nourishment. Blended with pure Lavender and hemp CBD to restore skin naturally.



Funky Farms Blue Dream CRD Cartridge


Prefer vaping CBD? Enjoy this blissful Blue Dream CRD Cartridge. Distinctly discreet, Funky Farms natural vape extract features a rich earthy aroma with sweet berry undercurrents. Compatible with any 510-thread cartridge battery.



TPW O’Mari Full Spectrum Strawberry Tincture


Experience the power of plant-based care with our O’Mari Full Spectrum Strawberry Tincture. This decadent blend of sweet strawberries and pure hemp CBD provides natural relief. Ideal for daytime or evening use. 


Tonic Flight Mini Variety Pack


Frequently on the go? Then you need this Tonic Flight Mini Variety Pack. Featuring 5ml version of the entire Tonic Line (plus a convenient zip pouch!) it’s never been easier to take your CBD on the go.



As you can see, there are many CBD products to fit your needs!


Not only did some of our favorite picks end up on this list…


We made shopping for the top CBD products even easier.




Here you’ll find our exclusive TPW CBD Product Line along with the highest rated CBD products from your favorite brands.


Which leads us to a very important question:


What are YOUR favorite CBD products and why?


Comment with your top choices below!

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